Hi everyone! If you are in the Montreal area and you got nothing to do this weekend or if you do, still come down and check out the Fro Festival happening through February 4th to the 6th at the Corona Theatre.


I will be performing alongside with Waahli from Nomadic Massive, giving you  a live performance with dancing. I got my girls with me, Leah McFly and Chanda Holmes. We got other wonderful acts not to miss, Muzion is the main attraction and Rosa Clemente will be present for the annual conference. This always about spreading the message of Love and Empowerment and remembering our history.


You want to hear some tunes from the previous years of Fro Fest, click on the links below:

Men Sou Yo- Waahli ft. Sam I Am Montolla

SOUL Baby- Waahli ft Sam I Am Montolla