The power we are shown to repress.

A silent rumbling, at the most, has no audible sound, felt in the chest.

In every woman, I see this, embodies this.

The “I GET MY FUNK” Video is coming out October 16th!

This video represents the strong feminine that is ever present in my life and with the beautiful women that keep pushing the boundaries. We don’t get to see them for who they are at times. Glorious. Thank you to the wonderful ladies shown in this video who also rep in the Montreal and abroad Hip Hop Scene!

I also need to give credit to all the people who made the video possible:

Videography: Hugh Durnford Dionne and Sara Bou

Edit and Artistic Vision: Sam I Am Montolla and Hugh Durnford Dionne

Styled by: Blabla l’Agence ; courtesy of La Petite Robe Noire, Loue 1 Robe, and MTL JTM.

Jewelry by: Amesika Design and Vicky Beaulieu Design

Make-Up by: Marcela Hernandez

The song is produced by Mofak from Marseille! You can here the track off of the mixtape INTRO TO INDIGO: